a boss in Portland, Oregon, known as the “City of Roses”, if you don’t know we sit between killa California an the Emerald City, Washington this is known as the GREAT NORTHWEST. I got my game together in the Bay Area and Las Vegas. I started a recorded label in “98” 2Real Records an formed a super group “GOTM” we have appeared in National Magazines such as SOURCE XXL, EXPLOSIVE MURDER DOG an also have had news breaking stories on VH1. We have blessed the stage with E-40, Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, Lloyd Banks, Swizz Beats, Too Short, Diplomates, Mitchy Slick and Bosko to name a few.
We have really been reppin westcoast music and are true pioneers in our hometown region, “THE GREAT NORTHWEST” we’ve done shows from the westcoast to Kansas to Canada rockin every stage we’ve touched from group to solo artist. As a C. E. O. I have a lot of insight from my Bay Area peers who helped pave the way for the bay area movement. Lance Spencer (Dollas & Spence) who put out the first “3Xcrazy” (Keak Da Sneak, Agerman,an Bart) album “Stackin Chips”, an Michael Gregory (GIT PAID) who put out the original “C”Bo MOB FIGGAZ”(Jacka, Hustla, Rhyda, Fed X and A.P.9). 2Real Records has released 3 albums and have sold over 25,00 units independently. The first album released in “98” was the group GOTM witch stands for (G’s On the Move) the group consist at the time of Smurf Luchiano, Infamous 1 Moe, and DT.da, Mouthpiece the album is titled “COMIN FOR THE GOODS” it had two singles “NO DEAL” feat, GUCE produced by BOSKO an “Heavy on the Grind”.
The most successful album being the SMURF LUCHIANO presents “Double Jeopardy” COMPILATION album witch features Mac Dre, Messy Marv, Meezilini and MORE. The newest release is set for June 20th by the newest member of the legendary group GOTM, he goes by the name “MEEZILINI” the album is titled, “The Voice of the Streets” with the hit single “We want Meezi” produce by BOSKO, and the following single “International Freak” features SUGA FREE, MEEZILINI MIXTAPE “NO DEAL” it’s a hot WESTCOAST HARD HOSTED BY SMURF LUCHIANO….

We are those real trap stars we come from the Blocc to traden stock please believe!!!! Our story is 100% reputable. I have been a trap star bossin up all my life. I got a nose for money. I got a couple real ninjas signed to 2Real Sports an entertainment, be on the look out for RAY “2real Lampkin the Professional Boxer. I’m a C.E.O/MACK, go to my website I just finished shooting a documentary called “Killingsworth” about one of “Oregon’s most notorious gangsta’s ANTHONY “LIL SMURF”BRANK JR” it debuted as it’s first film festival on April 9th in Portland, ORE at the “Lumbaugh film festival” put on by the Willamette Weekly news paper. The book “NO DEAL” is my next project about me, keep it international. I’m good at positioning, checkin traps, Mackin and stackin Chips, Choose or Loose….Stay Tuned!!!! 

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