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 July 2   "2016 Playas Ball" 

Starring CELLY RU, MDOT80, Fetti Mac, Rockkyb Jones, Ej Woods, Train Scholar, Octobio Jenkins,Champagne James, Richy Qwavoo, Rob Mack, with Dj Brian BNick Nichols sponsered by Hilltop Hussle, Steady Boss, 



Blood saves a Crip; Both Confront New Gangster Code - Portland Tribune

A strange thing happened two weeks ago on a Friday afternoon.

Stefan Johnson, for many years a Blood, saved the life of Tamir Hassan Rush’dan Lawrence, a longtime member of the Crips. This happened right after Lawrence was shot point blank in the face in a drive-by shooting.

Johnson and Lawrence agree that the shooter was probably a Blood. They also agree that what occurred can be instructive for the rest of us, who sometimes think of the life and death of gangsters in black and white, or red and blue — the colors of Bloods and Crips.

Here’s how Johnson tells the story....

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