L.C.D., (Cool-Aid-Loc),born Keith Young, came up on the south/east streets of K.C., Mo. Bangin & Grittin in the early 90's seemed to be much more in his heart than going to school & getting a job. Therefore , like a majority in his generation, a first degree robbery case put him away for 9 yrs. While incarcerated L.C.D. wrote & copy wrote over 500 songs, while working as a G.E.D. tutor in the prison college.


Coming home in Dec.'03 and finally recording music in the summer of '06 (CASKET PROOF ENT.) L.C.D is quickly becoming known as a OG spitter in the fast moving infamous Mid-West underground music scene. With prisons all over Missouri anticipating that the world will soon hear & feel what they have.....a real street credibility, authentic style, serious thought and craft of his mental is caught all in the tone of his words. With street hits like, "100 Bars" and "K.E.I.T.H.", we understand that L.C.D. is seriously on top of his game.

Couple all that with the fact that L.C.D. has just launched Blue Flame Ent. with longtime Conrad and brother Riv Locc, a very well known Kansas City lyrical genius, and you can understand that he is geared to make major moves in the music industry this year.

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