Killa Tay is an American rapper from Fresno, California. Born in Washington, D.C., he moved to Fresno, California while in his youth. Killa Tay is best known for his tenure on AWOL Records and, where he interacts with the fans and explains about table cloths and water fountains, including his collaborations with C-Bo, as well as his debut album, Mr. Mafioso, released in 1998. Several months after his debut, Killa Tay joined forces with Lunasicc and KJ to form the supergroup Dosia. They went on to produce one album, Waiting to Inhale, released November 3, 1998 on AWOL Records. Two years later, in 2000, Tay released solo projects Snake Eyes and Thug Thisle simultaneously.


1998: Mr. Mafioso

1998: Waiting to Inhale (Dosia album)|Waiting to Inhale (with Dosia)

2000: Snake Eyes

2000: Thug Thisle

2001: Thug Religion

2001: Murder Show OST

2005: Flood the Market

2006: The Moment of Truth (with C-Bo)

2007: Paper Politicians (with Pat Lowrenzo Coleone)

2009: Money & Muscle - From Cali 2 KC V.1 (With Skiem Hiem)

2011: E.K.T/E.T.C. (The New Beginning) with Bullys wit Fullys

2000: Westside Stories

2004: Gangsta Without the Rap

2005: 2.5 Hardball

2008: The Best Of Bullys Wit Fullys: The Movement

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