Born August 22nd, 1982 In Portland, OR. Fidel Cashtro was born into what they call the "Turf" or "Hood"! He was raised by his grandparents, fore both of his parents became overcome with drug addiction. 

       Even with the obstacles, Fidel was able to be a great athlete, and musician! Music was always his passion, learning at a young age how to play the Saxophone and the piano. Having knowledge that his father was a musician he wanted to be like him. As he grew up, the streets were "calling". So he accepted the invite to "step off the porch", into criminal and gang activity! So a lot of his positives were re-channeled into mischief! Still in all his passion for music never died.

      Fidel learned how to rap at the age of 14! In the halls of Jefferson High School, which happened to be his first performance! (School Talent show) Shortly after, he decided to get serious about it as a career, plus it complimented his lifestyle! He start recording at age 17, at Walter Midi studios in SE Portland! 

     In 2008 Fidel released his first published single! "Assholes, Elbows, and Shelltoes" which went on to become a hit on the "Killingsworth" Soundtrack. A Documentary about the streets he grew up on.

    Following the release of the single! Fidel was incarcerated for Assault in the 1st degree, and sentenced to 100 months in Washington State Penitentiary. After serving 7 & 1/2 years, he was released in Nov. 2015 

    Upon release, Fidel linked up with Smurf Luchiano CEO of 2Real Records, and Roseville Money Bag Boyz Management! A legend from the same streets he is from. With an extensive catalog and history of making good music! So be ready for a heavy dose of "CRACKMUSIK"!

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