Devin the Dude, is an American hip hop recording artist from Houston, Texas. He is perhaps best known for his unique rapping style, his long career signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, as well as his 2002 songs "Lacville '79" and "Doobie Ashtray".

Devin Copeland was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on June 4, 1970 and moved to Texas while in the fourth grade. He spent his childhood moving back and forth from New Boston and Houston, finally settling in Houston after graduating from high school. He smoked marijuana for the first time at a skating rink in seventh grade; marijuana would later become a major influence on his music. As a teenager, Copeland became interested in breakdancing, joining several dance crews until he began rapping, which soon became his main interest. After graduating from high school, he met Rob Quest, a blind rapper and record producer, and the duo formed the group the Odd Squad.

Devin Copeland started out as a member of the Odd Squad (later known as the Coughee Brothaz), a group of rappers signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. The label is notable for being the home of hip-hop artists such as Geto Boys, Scarface, and Too Much Trouble. Copeland moved on to become part of Scarface's Facemob before going solo in 1998. Copeland has released eight solo albums: The Dude (1998), Just Tryin' ta Live (2002), To tha X-Treme (2004), Waitin' to Inhale (2007), Landing Gear (2008), Suite 420 (2010), Gotta Be Me (2010) and One For The Road (2013). He also made a number of guest appearances, including on Dr. Dre's "Fuck You" in 1999, De La Soul's "Baby Phat" in 2001, Slim Thug's "I'm Back" off of Boss of All Bosses in 2009, Gucci Mane's "Kush Is My Cologne" of off The State vs Radric Davis in 2009 alongside Bun B & E-40, Tech N9ne's "After Party" in 2010 off of The Gates Mixed Plate, and Young Jeezy's "Higher Learning" off of the late 2011 album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition.

In 2008, he ended his 15 year relationship with Houston based Rap-A-Lot Records after he decided not to renew his contract. Later that year, he signed with indie label Razor & Tie. Devin is currently being distributed by E1 Entertainment, formerly Koch. In 2013 Devin starred in the stoner comedy Highway 420, in which two pot smoking buddies go on a quest to find the best bud in the country on the legendary Highway 420. The soundtrack featured songs by 2 Chainz, UGK, Smoke DZA, Tha Dogg Pound, Slim Thug, Curren$y, David Banner, Asher Roth and more. On June 24, 2013 Devin announced that his eighth studio album would be titled One for the Road and be released in September 2013. It would later be confirmed for an October 8, 2013 release.

Reception. Despite being a critical success, Devin the Dude has not achieved success in the mainstream but continues to be a well-known underground hip-hop artist. The New York Times has called him "A brilliant oddball with a spaced-out flow." In addition, he has been called "Rap's best-kept secret" and "Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper."[9] In 2007, he appeared in a documentary titled Screwed In Houston produced by VBS/Vice Magazine that details the history of the Houston rap scene.


The Dude
Released: June 16, 1998

Just Tryin' ta Live
Released: January 29, 2002

To tha X-Treme
Released: July 13, 2004

Waitin' to Inhale
Released: March 13, 2007

Landing Gear
Released: October 7, 2008

Suite 420
Released: April 20, 2010

Gotta Be Me
Released: November 2, 2010

One For the Road
Released: October 15, 2013

Fadanuf Fa Erybody
(with Odd Squad)
Released: February 1, 1994 (US)[18]

The Other Side of the Law
(with Facemob)
Released: August 7, 1996 (US)[19]

Waitin' Our Turn
(with Coughee Brothaz)
Released: August 21, 2007 (US)[20]

Fresh Brew
(with Coughee Brothaz)


Guest appearances
List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Other artist(s) Album
"Thanks for the Blessing" 1993 5th Ward Boyz, Bushwick Bill Ghetto Dope
"Hand of the Dead Body" 1994 Scarface, Ice Cube The Diary
"Pussy, Weed & Alcohol" 1997 5th Ward Boyz, Willie D Usual Suspects
"Fuck Faces" 1998 Scarface, Too Short, Tela, My Homies
"Like Some Hoes" Geto Boys Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly
"Better Now" 1999 Big Mike, MC Breed Hard to Hit
"Fuck You" Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg 2001
"Drugs" 2000 Tela The World Ain't Enuff
"Superstar" E.S.G., Double D City Under Siege
"4 O'Clock in Da Mornin" Bun B, Middl Fngz Live! From Da Manjah
"Life Without Fear" Ice Water Slaughter, June Bugg of Criminal Elament Life Without Fear
"When We Ride" Big Gank, Myti 8mm Film
"Just Sex" Lil Sin, Billy Cook Livin In Sin
"Strange" 2001 918, K.B. Reincarnated
"Pussy" 2002 Jay-Z, R. Kelly The Best of Both Worlds
"Only Your Mother" 2003 Scarface, Tela Balls and My Word
"Ooh Na Na Naa Naa" Lil Jon, The East Side Boyz, Oobie Kings of Crunk
"Just Sex" Big Mello, Billy Cook Done Deal
"Still We Ride" 2004 Sambow Sambow
"Where Can We Go" The Alchemist 1st Infantry
"Somebody's Gotta Do It" The Roots The Tipping Point
"Signz Of Hate" 2005 K-Rino, Trae, Top Dog, Wicked Cricket Fear No Evil
"Back Up Plan" Paul Wall, Chamillionaire Controversy Sells
"Ain't No Tellin" Baby Drew Street Music
"The Mule" Z-Ro, Juvenile Let the Truth Be Told
"Coming Home" 2007 Big Hawk, Chamillionaire, Trae Endangered Species
"Beneath The Diamonds" DJ Drama, Twista, La the Darkman & Denaun Porter Gangsta Grillz: The Album
"All Wrong" The Alchemist The Cutting Room Floor 2
"We Gonna Get Blowed" Big WIll, Neeko Mag, Keon Thug Paraphernalia
"Sache' Shades" Gator Main, The Ballplayas, Big Moe Texas The Album
"Kush Is My Cologne" 2009 Gucci Man, Bun B, E-40 The State vs. Radric Davis
"From Behind" Caviar, E-40 The Genesis
"Get High 2 Day" 2010 Alaska Redd Trapped In The Land of the Frozen
"Chilled Coughphee" Curren$y Pilot Talk
"Moon & Stars" Big K.R.I.T. K.R.I.T. Wuz Here
"Lookin' Back" 2011 E-40 Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift
"Up & Down" Baby Drew, Ges Bar-B-Que or Mildew
"Hydroplaning" 2012 Big K.R.I.T. Live from the Underground
"Doobie in the Ashtray" Baby Bash, Young Dru M.S.U.
"On One" 2013 Bun B, The Gator Main Trill OG: The Epilogue
"My Issues and Me" Anttwon Lewis, Cold Play The Pharaoh & the Disciple
"Wut the Fuk" Cory Mo, Slim Thug Country Raptunes, Vol. 2
"Gettin High" Cory Mo, B.o.B, Chalie Boy It's Been About Time
"Gettin High" Cory Mo, Daz Dillinger, Chamillionaire Take It or Leave It
"I Wouldn't Mind" AD, Starbuks Intelligent Design
"Destiny" 2014 t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8, Re-State Of Emergency
"Get Blowed" Daz Dillinger, Snoop Dogg Weed Money
"Broke" Acie High L.O.V.E
"Elevated" A-Wax Jr. High to the Pen Vol. 2
"Get Lifted" King Chip N/A
"1 Hit" Berner, B-Real Prohibition

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